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HfPT – Health from Portugal

The “HfPT – Health From Portugal” Agenda comprises significant investments in various areas, namely: research and development, productive innovation, qualifcation and internationalization, training of human resources and dissemination and promotion of results. “Health From Portugal” is a true Innovation Pact for the development of the national economy through the health industries that aims to position Portugal as a world reference hub in designing, developing and producing advanced solutions for the health markets based on innovation and technology.

The HfPT will focus on 4 areas: (i) the development of smart health solutions for the digital medtech segment; (ii) the creation of an intelligent national repository of health data; (iii) capacitation for the growth and sophistication of the clinical studies segment in the country; and (iv) creation of solutions that enhance the potential of the ecosystem of collection and benchmarking of clinical data and costs associated with the provision of healthcare. These challenges will be addressed by a consortium of 94 co-promoters, who complement each other technically and technologically, concentrating the necessary capacity to achieve the ambitious goals set, which aim to launch 122 new products, services and solutions by 2025.

Whymob and INESCTEC will develop Work Package 07 – (B1) Data Providers and Data Collection until december 2025, which aims to create a technological solution for sharing clinical and non-clinical information with datalakes and other secondary data usage systems. This solution will allow organizations, such as laboratories , hospitals and other care providers, as well as insurance companies, to share clinical and non-clinical information using anonymization and data mapping mechanisms.